Magic Kingdom Disney, Orlando Florida.

Tried to get away with this one, but lets all face it; Magic Kingdom is quite a large park, with quite a lot of rides to write about. Today I will rate and describe some of Magic Kingdom’s best attractions that you won’t want to miss on your next holiday. These are rated out of 10 and are put in order of rating (high to low).


Pirates of the Caribbean (10/10) – Pirates of the Caribbean is a boat-ride back in time to the days when pirates ruled the Caribbean. It contains incredible detail, tons of characters and a catchy song. Due to FastPass+, this now gets really long lines. If you use FastPass+ efficiently, you should be able to experience a pirates life in no time.


Wishes! (10/10) – There is no more fitting of a way to close a day in the Magic Kingdom than with Wishes. Watch it on Main Street with the fireworks exploding behind Cinderella Castle.

Haunted Mansion (10/10) – They’re ready to meet you? But are you ready to meet them? This slow moving dark ride houses many happy ghosts that are dying to meet you! No further explanation should be necessary. If you aren’t familiar with the premise of the Haunted Mansion, you’re probably living under a rock.  In the Haunted Mansion, the ghosts are the more jovial, singing type, so it shouldn’t startle young children, but it is dark. This is another attraction that you can do whenever.


Splash Mountain (10/10) – This log flume ride features a story from Disney’s song of the South film, and climaxes with a big drop into the briar patch. This thrill ride is paired with amazing audio animatronics and driven show scenes that make it an all- around winner and one of the most popular rides at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I recommend using FastPass+ for this, hitting it in the morning or maybe in the last hour of the parks opening times.

Once Upon a Time (9.5/10) – On select nights after Wishes, Once Upon a Time is shown. This show utilises projection mapping and other effects (likely pyro, lasers, and fire), and features Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast telling bedtime stories to Chip. Along the way, they are pulled into the stories of numerous classic animated films, such as Cinderella and Peter Pan. 

Space Mountain (9/10) – Space, darkness, thrills? Space Mountain might be the one to kick off your Disney day (in space). This coaster through outer space includes a blast off tunnel, amazing theming and music and some rather interesting post-show scenes and games throughout the queue. Space Mountain is a FastPass+ attraction, and it’s highly recommended that you utilize FastPass+ for it or that you prioritize Space Mountain early in the morning or late at night.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (9/10) – This runaway mine train swoops around the barren landscape of the Old West as guests are taken around sharp corners and down steep hills. This guest favourite allows FastPass+ however, if you visit this ride relatively early or late at night it is unnecessary.


Festival of Fantasy Parade (9/10) – This is the first Magic Kingdom daytime parade in a long time that I’ve loved. It is ambitious, and large in scale and scope. The parade floats are all large, detailed and have a lot of substance to them. The float that has captured everyone’s attention is the steampunk-esque Maleficent float, and this is understandable because it breathes fire.  Add to this performers in costumes that have a lot of detail, a catchy soundtrack, and a great energy, and you have a parade that’s a real winner.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (8.5/10) – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the newest attraction at Walt Disney World, and is the crown jewel of New Fantasyland. It opened two years ago, and is proving incredibly popular with guests already. In summary, the strengths of this attraction are its Audio-Animatronics and theming, the weaknesses are duration and show lighting. T. We highly recommend getting FastPass+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train if you can. If not, do it first thing in the morning or get in line just before the park closes.

Peter Pan’s Flight (8.5/10) – Peter Pan’s Flight attracts some of the longest lines in the park, and unless you use a FastPass+ on it or arrive right at park opening or jump in line right before park close, you might consider skipping Peter Pan’s Flight. It’s iconic because it takes guests in “flying” ships above London and Neverland. The new interactive queue added does help, making the long wait in line (if you have to wait) more bearable.

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor (8.5/10) – A screen-based “stage” show during which monsters interact with and tell jokes to guests. We think the Laugh Floor fires on all cylinders, with great guest interaction and humor that appeals to a wide range of audiences. The jokes change depending upon the audience, so if you really enjoy it, do it again. Shy guests may not like it due to uneasiness about being picked on. Otherwise, guests should like Monster’s Laugh Floor for its cleverness and interactions. Do this whenever, don’t use FastPass+.

‘it’s a small world’ (8/10) – ‘it’s a small world’ is the iconic attraction featuring the children of the world and that song that you remember for 3 weeks after the ride. Again, unless you live under a rock, you’re familiar with it. Lines are never all that long, it’s good for guests of all ages, and is a relaxing boat ride. Experience this whenever–don’t use FastPass+ on it.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant (7.5/10) – In New Fantasyland, there are now two Dumbo spinners that have considerably eased wait times. It’s a classic and rite of passage for all kids, but thanks to new lighting and short waits, it’s now a fun night-time attraction for guests of all ages. Don’t use FastPass+ on it as you will not need to.


Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid (7/10) – New Fantasyland’s Little Mermaid dark ride is one of the most popular in the park, but much like Pooh’s dark ride, it’s neither worth the long wait times nor using FastPass+. There are a couple of cool scenes and Audio Animatronics, and the queue is really cool, but it misses our “best” list because of its wait times. If you can ride it with less than a 30 minute standby wait, definitely go for it.


The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (6.5/10) – An okay dark ride, but there’s a good chance kids will have more fun playing in the queue than on the actual ride. This is a popular attraction, but is neither worth a long wait time nor using FastPass+. Do it early or late in the day when lines are short, if at all.


Astro Orbitor (6/10) – Spinner ride similar to Dumbo. Elevated location makes this a fun diversion, especially at night if lines are shorter.


Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (6/10) – Buzz Lightyear enlists your help in an interactive and competitive game to save the universe. It’s like a ride-through video game, and is fun. Loses points because its guns are often inaccurate or don’t work. It’s somewhat in the dark, but with a lot of black-light and neon, so it shouldn’t be a problem with most kids. Lines fluctuate greatly for this and can be very long, but generally aren’t too bad at the end of the day. Don’t use FastPass+ on it.

Mad Tea Party (5/10) – A fun and iconic diversion, although there’s really nothing more to this experience than a similar one at a local fair.

Barnstormer (4.5/10) – A roller coaster only for kids who want to prove themselves on a coaster, but are too short for other coasters. Everyone else should avoid this due to long waits, short duration, and lackluster visuals.

Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (4.5) – Ordinary carousel. Okay at night if there’s no wait and you have time to kill.

Stitch’s Great Escape (3.5/10) – Not as terrible as it’s made out to be, but still pretty bad. Young children are the target audience, but there’s a high chance they’ll be scared by it. (Stitch’s Great Escape is now seasonal and is only open during the busiest times of the year. You’re not missing much.)

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (3/10) – Yet another spinner. Do Astro Orbiter or Dumbo instead.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



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