Disney’s Animal Kingdom.



The Tree of life.

FUN FACT: Most people realize that there are animals carved into the Tree of Life, but they may not know how many. Disney places the number at “over 300”, while other sources claim that there are “over 325”. The animals can be found in the roots, in the trunk, and in the branches.


Top 3 Rides to use FastPass+ on.

A ride in Animal Kingdom that is worth visiting is Kali River Rapids. Flow freely in a whitewater raft through rainforests and ruins as you spin through the scenery. Beware, you will get wet (just choose your seats wisely). I recommend using your FastPass+ at noon, as this is when the sun is at its hottest. Doing this will give you a fun way to cool off before continuing your day. Another recommendation is that you book at alate slot in the evening, so that you’re soaked for as little time as possible!

Expedition Everest is a themed roller coaster where you come face to face with a yeti. It is a very impressive rollercoaster where riders experience the thrill twice, one time forwards and one time backwards! The theme and attention to detail on Expedition Everest is incredible, even when you’re just queuing. You may find that the queue times are a little long, however this is the perfect time to use FastPass+ or visiting the ride early in the morning as soon as the park opens.

If you’re visiting Animal Kingdom, The Kilimanjaro Safari is a must! This attraction exposes guests (yourself) to breathtaking animals in what appears to be their natural environment. Despite the common bumps on the ride, the experience that you receive is unbelievable, realistic and beautiful. Due to me loving photography, I found myself experiencing this opportunity twice, the first allowing myself to picture these beautiful creatures (see below) and the second to just take in the atmosphere around me. I certainly recommend doing this twice if you’re a photographer or an aspiring photographer like me.  Another top tip is to allow yourself to either visit this attraction first thing in the morning or last in the evening, due to the animals being the most active at this time (or for an unforgettable experience visit while the sun sets).


Another ride worth experiencing is the wild and high-speed time rover, Dinosaur. This ride is compatible with Disney Fast-pass+ if you can’t find any slots for the three rides above. Have memorable encounters with dinosaurs and venture through dark show scenes on this attraction.


As you can see my family (front two rows) found this a little more scary than the one above us!

Animal Kingdom may be known as the park with ‘little rides’ however, if you’re one for decoration and a beautiful atmosphere I certainly recommend adding this park to your itinerary. The attention to detail throughout the park really does catch your eye and is the perfect place to take incredible photographs that can last a lifetime.

Animal Kingdom’s top 3 places to eat.

Although Animal Kingdom is known for it’s exciting rides and amazing animal habitats and encounters. Did you know Animal Kingdom also is a great place to have some amazing and exotic food?

Rainforest Cafe is located near the front entrance at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. Inside, the cafe can be seen coming to life with thunderstorms, rain and exotic animals roaming around. The thought gone into this restaurant is unbelievable, including aquariums filled with tropical fish, gorillas, snakes and monkeys swinging from the branches of the rainforest trees. You will need to make a reservation at this restaurant however, it is 100% worth it. The menu is mainly American cuisine, ranging from $15 to $29.99 per plate.

  • The Rainforest Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tusker House is located in Africa within Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The dishes available are African combined with American cuisine (for all you fussy eaters out there, like me). Prices do vary at the Tusker House as the magic that comes along with your meal is the character dining. I would recommend visiting this restaurant at breakfast as it is the cheapest, with meals ranging from $15 to $29.99. Other options are lunch and dinner, with plates ranging from $30-$59.99.

  • The Tusker House is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Within Asia at Animal Kingdom you will find the Yak and Yeti, a Nepalese styled restaurant  with a wide choice of food. This restaurant serves American, Asian and Chinese dishes, perfect if you’re wanting to try something a bit different but your family/ friends don’t. The dishes range from $15 to $29.99 however due to it’s closeness to the park’s biggest attraction (Everest) I recommend making a reservation in advance.

D-D-D Dole Whip! Dole Whips can be found at Tamu Refreshments located in Africa. You can order it by the cup for around only $4!

Thanks, Lottie x

Please note, all these photos are my own. If you would like to use any please contact me at charlottelilyj@gmail.com


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