The Ford Mustang.

Maybe it’s not fashion or makeup related, but this blog post sure is about something beautiful- the Ford Mustang. When you first think of the phrase “American muscle cars” the Ford Mustang has got to be one of the first that springs to mind, if not the first. For decades this unbelievably beautiful car has […]

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Getting Lippy are we?

Moving on to the beauty guru side of the internet for a change! I thought today would be the perfect time to talk about lipstick (not because I’ve just purchased about 10 lipsticks at ALL). The History of Lipstick Egyptians like Cleopatra was quite the creative one when looking at methods to create lipstick. Can […]

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Being a Sheep.

Technically were all just sheep, following the latest trends that is. In winter however we can literally become sheep. Ive noticed a large amount of people wearing wool dresses, fur coats and filling their wardrobe with tonnes of winter knits. Kim Kardashian-West Kim Kardashian is a celebrity that avidly wears fur, and does a spectacular […]

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Not all Superheroes wear capes.

You heard it here first; not all superheroes wear capes (fashion frantics like you and I may however). Ponchos and Capes are ultimately the perfect coverup for Fall and Winter and luckily, can be both dressed up or down with a little help from a few accessories. Personally, I believe that the Poncho/Cape craze may […]

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Attracting bulls with red.

I think the colour red is a debated colour within the fashion industry, it can either go perfectly well or turn into a disaster. Red has been a fashion statement for years and i don’t think that it will disappear any time soon, lets face it, everyone is crazy over the new red swimsuit hype. […]

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Back to the 90’s- Denim Style.

Pulling off double denim can seem like a daunting task, but the looks you can achieve from doing so are endless. Wanting to do this myself, I looked into some of the world’s largest fashion icons to see how they pulled off this exciting combination. Diving into the deep end, I decided to go for […]

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Tree of life. FUN FACT: Most people realize that there are animals carved into the Tree of Life, but they may not know how many. Disney places the number at “over 300”, while other sources claim that there are “over 325”. The animals can be found in the roots, in the trunk, and in the […]

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is certainly more about the quality than quantity. With minimal attractions, this park still manages to wow visitors. This list will include both well known attractions and the ones that individuals may overlook, but are definitely worth a visit to (trust me, they all are). If you plan well, and […]

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Orlando Florida- Travel Tips.

Know before you go: Florida Facts: State Capital: Tallahassee Language is English Time difference is 5 hours behind GMT Flight Time is approx 9 hours flying time from the UK Currency: US dollars May to September can be fiendishly hot and humid, with temperatures rising above 95F/35C. The ideal cooler-but-pleasant weather runs from March to early May and mid-October […]

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